The concept of alienation includes foreign nationals, as well as the ones who have no state citizenship, foreigners who have applied for international protection or have obtained international protection status, foreigners of special status and also  those who have more than one citizenship except Turkish citizenship.

The deportation of the foreigner through the gate of entry and exit and the invitation of the foreigner to leave the country are also different from deportation.

Refusal through the entrance door is a procedure to be applied to foreigners who have not yet entered the country but without a valid passport or passport substitute document, are trying to enter Turkey illegally. However deportation is applied to the foreigners who actually entered to the country and in the country.

Foreigners may be deported to the country of origin or to the country of transit or to a third country by a deportation order.

The reasons for the refusal of foreigners from the border are listed in the law. According to the law, those who do not have their passport, passport substitute document, visa or residence or work permit, and those found to have obtained these documents or permissions by fraudulent means or to be falsified; those who do not have a visa, who do not have at least sixty days from the expiry of the residence permit or passport replacement documents, even if they are within the scope of visa exemption foreigners will not be granted a visa and will be refused and will not be allowed to enter to Turkey.

Procedures regarding the refusal of entrance shall be notified to the foreigner.  The notification shall include how foreigners can effectively exercise their right to appeal against the decision and other legal rights and obligations in the process.

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