Entry and exit from Turkey is made with a valid passport or passport substitute documents at the border gates. For Foreigners to enter Turkey must fulfil the three conditions. 1- To enter through the entrance and exit borders, 2- To have a passport or a substitute document 3 -Getting a visa.

Visa is defined as “recognize the right to remain in Turkey up to a maximum of ninety days or permits allowing transit”. A visa indicates that there is no obstacle for a foreigner to enter the country. However, visas, does not provide absolute right to enter Turkey. Although a visa is issued, the entry of the foreigner is at the discretion of the border authorities.

Foreigners who will stay in Turkey for more than ninety days or the period in which the visa or visa exemption is granted are required to obtain a residence permit. If the residence permit is not used within six months, it will expire.

Therefore, a foreigner who comes with a visa may stay in Turkey during the visa period. A foreigner who is a citizen of a state with a visa exemption agreement, may stay in Turkey without a residence permit during the period of visa exemption. A foreign person whose visa or visa exemption period has expired or who will remain in Turkey for more than ninety days, must obtain a residence permit.

*Because of the long and complex processes of applications, we would like to point out that you should seek professional advice and  professional support in order to avoid loss of rights.

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