Our law firm in Kocaeli provides legal consultancy services with English-speaking Turkish lawyers in Kocaeli on all subjects bearing foreignness, especially the application and follow-up procedures related to Turkish citizenship, application of work permit, residence permit and cancellation of deportation decisions.


At Meridyen Attorney Partnership, we understand that the divorce process involves more than just the law — it involves your family. With paying attention to the privacy of our clients’ private lives, our law firm provides  advice and support of specialist legal areas on family law such as  contracted or contentious divorce cases, marital asset distribution, alimony, prenuptial agreements, custody and guardianship cases, paternity establishment, recognition of foreign country court verdicts.


As Meridyen Attorney Partnership, we provide services to our clients regarding the cases arising from the sale of real estate, the arrangement and follow-up of the construction contracts, the lawsuits arising from the zoning law, the leasing contracts, the rental and evacuation cases, the preparation of the legal situation and the preparation of the report (Due Dilligence), the acquisition of foreigners’ property.


Our Law firm in Kocaeli, with our separate execution department, carries out all necessary actions to ensure that our clients, especially the corporate clients receive their receivables due to unpaid invoices quickly and effectively, and to protect their rights in execution proceedings initiated against our clients, before the execution Offices and courts.


Our Law Firm in Kocaeli provides resolution of all kinds of commercial disputes, litigation, arbitration and mediation services.

To national and international companies; we provide legal services in carrying out the establishment procedures, holding the general assembly meetings, preparing the decisions of the board of directors, capital increase and reduction, merger and acquisition transactions, transactions related to stocks and bonds, legal due diligence reporting, establishing a liaison office and drafting all kinds of company contracts.

Our services include the resolution of commercial disputes in different areas such as agency, distributorship, unfair competition, purchase and sale contracts, determination of high amounts of receivables, collection, execution, bankruptcy, product liability, consumer protection, insurance and transportation, import and export matters.


Collaborating with Turkey’s leading consultants, our law firm conducts compliance audits of renewable energy plants with laws and regulations.

Our law firm enables you to examine contracts in the renewable energy sector and take preventive legal measures.


We represent both employer companies and workers in mediation and negotiations regarding all kinds of labor law disputes and defend them in judicial authorities.

As Meridyen Attorney Partnership, we prepare employment contracts within the scope of labor law and termination of employment contracts in accordance with the legislation, and carry out the resolution process in employee-employer disputes. We provide preventive consultancy services to our clients and, in unresolved disputes, we carry out reemployment cases, occupational accident and occupational disease cases, severance and notice pay cases, and social security cases.


We provide services to our clients in the fields of Arrangement of Will, Cancellation of Will, Obtaining Certificate of Inheritance, Conflict of Inheritance, Follow-up and Conclusion of Transfer Transactions, Lawsuits Against Land.


In the field of Criminal Law, our law firm in Kocaeli provides all kinds of attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients from the investigation stage.


Our law firm in Kocaeli provides services for compensation arising from Torsion Lawsuits and Traffic Accidents.


Our law firm in Kocaeli provides services to a large number of individuals and companies regarding the collection and payment of the receivables within the framework of the laws. Our lawyers work on effective solutions for the execution proceedings to ensure the collection of the receivable as soon as possible.


Our law firm provides legal consultancy services in order to resolve consumer disputes within the framework of consumer legislation and in accordance with the interests of the companies and consumers we provide consultancy services.

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